We've been working on the annotated bibliography for our Wikipedia site. I found that doing the annotated bibliography was somewhat interesting because I learned a lot about the topic.How was it for you finding sources on the topic? However, when it came to posting on the site, I encountered many breakdowns. I quickly became frustrated and confused with how to post my information in a cohesive way with the rest of the content on the site. Also, I grew even more frustrated when I realized that I posted my input and then it got taken off. Did this happen to you guys too? What did you do?
11/13/2012 19:30:52

I also completed my annotated bibliography and found it to be pretty interesting too! I enjoyed researching using different types of sources to learn about privacy on social media sites. However, as I continue to research for the collaborative project, I wish the sources and information I found was more useful.

I had trouble posting my information on wikipedia also. I had to find a way to combine all my research in a way that people would find helpful. When I went to wikipedia after posting my portion, I did not see it on there! I was so frustrated because I didn't save it but I was happy that it was saved in the history f wikipedia, which is pretty cool. I simply keep reposting it when I realize it is taken down.

Laura Kennedy
11/26/2012 10:41:53

I've been having issues with posting the annotated bibliography. Just trying to make it all mesh. And then also, like Carly said, trying to find sources that can really help me with the research project. I haven't written on Wikipedia. I'm nervous to write anything because I feel like it's hard to add information to an already pretty informative site. And then of course, knowing it's going to be removed anyway is a little discouraging.

Dan Berenato
12/4/2012 16:28:05

I haven't had the time to fully complete the bibliography yet... I have been trying to keep up with this class but it has been impossible.This week, I plan on getting everything done and getting some free time.


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